Dekorativní desky s fóliovými obklady, dýhami a HPL, široce používané pro interiéry budov, kování a nábytek, se vyrábějí vysokou rychlostí pomocí technologie Sika Hot Melt.

Glass-like Surface Finishes with Sika Adhesives

SikaMelt® reactive hot melt polyurethane (HMPUR) adhesives are ideal for the lamination of interior laminates such as furniture panels.

Instantaneous pressing combined with initial cooling and setting means that panels can move on to the next stages of processing immediately. Roller application of hot melt adhesives ensures excellent surface panel flatness – crucial for aesthetic furniture panels.Because the adhesives are reactive types, they continue to cross-link forming tough bond-lines.


Modern kitchen with Glass-like surface finishes

High surface flatness laminated furniture panels

Modern kitchen

Glass-like surface finishes can be achieved at fast cycle times with SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives for high gloss furniture panel lamination.

Excellent panel flatness with no orange peel effect

Rapid strength build-up for post lamination lifting and processing

High heat resistance and long term durability


Best Recommended Product for Furniture Panels

SikaMelt®-675 IS

High initial strength hot melt PUR adhesive ideal for fast processing of flat lamination panels.