Výrobci flexibilních podlahových prvků, jako jsou laminované PVC nebo samolepicí lamely, nabízejí řešení s polyuretanovými a tlakově citlivými lepidly SikaMelt.

Efficient Process Solution for the Laminate Production

SikaMelt® HMPUR adhesives with low fogging are used to bond building and construction floor coverings and membranes.

The adhesives very high initial strength and fast setting performance creates an efficient process solution for your laminate production.

The adhesives low fogging and emission levels are well suited to your building environment demands


Basket ball player playing on soft laminated sandwich panel floor

Both reactive Polyurethane and non-reactive Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Image: PVC to foam laminated sports flooring

SikaMelt® HMPUR reactive adhesives provide you with high initial strength and cross linking to form a durable bond in performance laminates such as PVC to foam flooring.
High ageing performance for long term durability

Low fogging and emission levels for the built environment

High initial strength for effective production processes

With an immediately strong fixation, pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives provide excellent installation characteristics for a range of flexible flooring elements.
Immediate strong fixation

Low service temperature for use in colder conditions

Perfectly suited to self adhesive flooring

Underfloor sysstem using self adhesive pressure sensitive tapes and membranes

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