Truck Glas, Switzerland

Truck Glas (Link: www.truckglas.ch), a Swiss auto glass service provider, uses Sika’s PowerCure for their commercial vehicle glass replacement business. With Sika’s PowerCure adhesives, the vehicle downtime of trucks and buses can be reduced to the minimum. 

When running a fleet of commercial vehicles, damaged windshields can require a vehicle to be taken out of service immediately. While in most cases, the glass replacement can be planned, keeping the downtime to a minimum is critical in both situations. 

Meet delivers schedules and timetables
Have vehicle back on the road quickly
Combine glass replacement with other service work

Sika PowerCure Solutions for Commercial Vehicle Glass Replacement

Sika PowerCure adhesives deliver unmatched performance for windshield replacement application that requires a fast turnaround time. Other than standard 1C urethanes, PowerCure adhesives cure fast and return vehicles to initial stiffness in minutes instead of days. This performance allows reducing vehicle downtime to as little as 1 hour*

  • Minimum vehicle downtime
  • Climate independent curing
  • For any size of windshield
  • Instant Calibration

*Performance depends on adhesive and type of vehicle