The Ultimate Auto Glass Adhesive System

Workshops need system solutions that deliver fast and reliable results to operate profitably in the automotive glass business. Three examples demonstrate why repair companies rely on the Sika PowerCure system.

It Has To Be Quick For Traders' Vehicles and White Man Van’s

Workshop Germany Identica

Sascha Philippi, Managing Director of an IDENTICA partner operation, has started working with the Sika PowerCure system in 2020. A demonstration had convinced him to switch to the SikaTack ELITE.


"In addition to consumer auto glass jobs, we often receive orders from businesses involving only a small window of time to do the job," the entrepreneur reports. The fact that the high-performance adhesive SikaTack® ELITE  cures within 60 minutes is ideal to satisfy the requirements of these customers: "company vehicles are usually brought in in the morning before they are picked up again around midday only to be loaded immediately afterwards. The former adhesive system did not allow this," the expert explains.


The faster curing of PowerCure adhesives also enables more flexible planning: "previously our business customers had to wait up to two days until they were able to drive off in their fully loaded vehicles. Now we can react more flexibly to customer orders and replace one windscreen per day on average," Sascha Philippi emphasizes.

"Thanks to Sika PowerCure IDENTICA Philippi can also quickly take care of urgent customer orders. "

We Are All About Time and Quantity

ACM Auto-Service and Mosolf Etzin GmbH focus on time-critical, large-scale fleet business. "Around 70 percent of our orders come from rental returns. In this context, we repair or replace windscreens, rear and side windows in cars as well as vans, including Sprinter and Crafter models", Marc Scheumann, Operations Manager, explains. Since July 2020, the four-strong glass and smart repair team has been using the Sika PowerCure system. It replaced the previous solutions following a four-week trial offered by Sika: "the smaller 400ml dispenser is ideal for our vehicle segment. Unlike other products, the cartridges are optimized so that no unused residue remains."


As a result of the combination with the rapid curing of SikaTack® ELITE, the replacement process has been accelerated: "colleagues work on two vehicles in parallel. With two workstations, cars can be moved out quickly after the job has finished, allowing them to start the next job right away. We usually calibrate on the same day because speed is everything to us," the operations manager highlights.

"Unlike other products, PowerCure tubes are dimensioned so that no unused residue remains, Marc Scheumann reports as the Operations Manager at ACM Auto Service in Ketzin."

Calibrations of ADAS Systems are Reliable and Permanent

Workshop Germany KarLack

KarLack, a body and paint specialist is offering auto glass replacement services since 2011. Two months ago, they switched to the Sika's PowerCure auto glass adhesive system. The adhesive's performance convinced managing Director Christoph Himbert.


"With PowerCure we are getting much closer to the industrial bonding process than with other solutions. It was important to us to offer a faster, and at the same time, safer method, especially when cameras and sensors are attached to the windscreen. With PowerCure adhesives, cars are returned to their original shape quickly. This provides us, and our customers with convidence that ADAS calibrations will last." The KarLack team now performs around 30 auto glass replacement jobs. 

"Body and paint specialists at KarLack use the Sika PowerCure system to offer their customers a faster and at the same time safer process."

Safety Matters

When a windshield gets replaced, a critical component to the safety of the occupant's well-being and the vehicle's integrity are getting touched. These days, the windscreen is structurally bonded to the vehicle body, increasing cabin stiffness and crash safety. The use of the wrong products and shoddy workmanship has resulted in fatal accidents; reducing them to zero is a crucial ambition for Sika as the world-leading brand for auto glass adhesives.

Keep you inside
Car Durability

Windshield & Adhesive prevent you from ejection

The airbag can function as designed
Car Airbag

The windshield serves as a backboard for the airbag

Prevents Roof from Crushing
Car Accident

Windshield as member of the car body prevents roof crush

At Sika, we take safety seriously and continuously work on better and even more reliable solutions. This has been one of the driving forces making Sika the leading brand for windshield adhesives globally.

Stiff as New – Only with SikaTack® ELITE

Today, cars can be driven just 30 minutes after the installation of a new glass. Auto Glass Adhesives typically meet the FMVSS 212 crash test standard, which defines the vehicle's minimal requirements to be safe to be driven. However, regular single component adhesives may need up to 7 days until they reach the original vehicle conditions. During this time, the torsional stiffness of the vehicle is compromised.

SikaTack® ELITE for PowerCure is Different!

Cured to OEM Level

Sika's PowerCure technology allows reaching the performance required by car manufacturers within minutes; it basically allows a short waiting time without compromising safety and quality. At Sika, we call reaching this  performance "Cured to OEM Level".