SikaMelt® HM PSA nabízí řešení založená na výkonu, ať už jde o vysokou pevnost, nehořlavost, tepelnou odolnost nebo nízkou provozní teplotu.

Superior Performance for your Tapes and Labels

Sika is an experienced development partner of SikaMelt® hot melt PSA and SikaSense® water- and solvent-based adhesive solutions for your high perofrmance pre-coated tapes and labels.

Either permanent, immediately strong fixation or removable adhesive solutions and the know-how and services to help you implement them. Sika adhesive solutions to meet your self adhesive coating demands, such as flame retardancy, heat resistance and low service temperature. Achieve high production process efficiency with Sika's range of hot melt, water-based and solvent-based PSA adhesives.

for develping hot melt adhesives
High temperature resistance

Hot melt pressure sensitive self adhesives that take your business in the right direction


Hot melt adhesive solutions provide ultimate performance for heat resistant tapes used in construction and HVAC applications. 

High heat resistance

High mechanical and ageing performance

High SAFT and flame-retardant ideal for thermal insulation applications


A range of performances is available with hot melt adhesives for high tack or removable tapes used in masking and finishing industries

High aggressive and satable tack or zero residue peelable grades

Low service temperature

Excellent for constructin tape applications


Man applying adhesive tape to a car
Car interior showing applications for tapes and labels

For product assembly Sika has high strength hot melt adhesive solutions for tapes used in transportation industry

High tack, balanced SAFT

High ageing performance, low service temperature

Versatile technical tapes solutions for a range of applicatins

Best Recommended Products for Tapes and Self Adhesive Coatings