The earth’s climate is changing with consequences for the whole world. This makes climate protection, in particular the continuous reduction of greenhouse emissions, a crucial task for the future.

Sika solutions for climate protection

Sika solutions for climate protection:

  • Adhesives for the solar industry reliably bond very hot surfaces
  • Highly reflective polymeric roof membranes boost the efficiency of solar installations and lower the cooling demand in buildings
  • A special corrosion protection system for offshore wind farms guarantees a long service life under rough conditions
  • Viewed over their entire life cycle, Sika Sarnafil® roof membranes entail 30% lower CO2 emissions than other less durable roofing sheets

Example: CO₂-efficient concrete admixtures.

Concrete admixtures can be used to reduce the cement content of concrete without in any way impairing quality. Large quantities of CO2, which is emitted during the combustion of limestone in cement production, can thus be avoided.

The considerable savings potential was demonstrated by one Sika customer who needed 3,600 m³ of concrete for the construction of a gas storage tank. Use of the admixture Sika® ViscoCrete® resulted in a net reduction in CO2 emissions of 50 tons or 9%. Applied to the annual worldwide concrete consumption of 5 billion m³, this offers potential cuts in the order of 72 million tons of CO2, a figure roughly equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of Austria.